Detail  Starter’s All in One Kit


An all-in-one set prepared for those unfamiliar with frankincense.
With this set, you can safely and easily create a healing space for frankincense.
We also have a video of how to handle it.

  1. Finest Frankincense from Oman 3g
  2. Mini incense burner 1
  3. Burning mat 1
  4. Coaster 1
  5. Dedicated tweezers 1
  6. Wooden spatula for powder 1
  7. Frankincense powder 2g
  8. Aluminum case 1

Please prepare small charcoal(1 inch square), because this is not able to pack in them as International postal.

Country of origin: Oman
Category: Resin / 100% Organic
Grade: Premium / AAA / Medical
Fragrance: Eucalyptus, lemon, lime
Feel: Fresh & dry

Dedicated tweezers(Pin set)
Country of Origin: Japan
Material: Stainless steel
Shape: 125 mm

Mini incense burner(Vessel)
Country of Origin: China
Material: Pottery
Shape: Approximately 56 x 56 x 10 mm

Aluminum case
Country of origin: China
Material: Aluminum
Shape: 52 x 18 mm, with screw cap

Wooden pallet for powder
Country of Origin: Japan
Material: Kuromoji
Shape: Approximately 50 mm

Burning mat
Country of Origin: Japan
Material: Glass wool, ceramic mat
Shape: Approximately 20 x 20 x 5 mm

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